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Rijumuni learned to meditate in 2002, having come across the Dublin Buddhist Centre more by accident, than by design. He was Ordained in 2017, most likely the first Buddhist to have been ordained in the island of Ireland.

‘I wasn’t looking for any answers, no existential riddles was I trying to solve, rather I was in the midst of a successful legal career and thought I had all the answers already! But when I casually noticed the Dublin Buddhist Centre while passing by on the street, I thought that a yoga class might be fun. Little did I know that that first encounter over 20 years ago with yoga and meditation would have such a profound effect on the course of my life.’

‘Like driving along a road and coming upon a diversion sign, I’ve been metaphorically driving along that alternative route ever since and thanks heavens for it. My original journey of career and other outward looking pursuits and interests, has been complemented with another route that has led me to look inwards more, to look at my mind, that quality of mind that reveals an even increasing inner clarity and contentment that that way of looking brings. And out of that has become a more emotionally mature, less self referential person who can contribute and support others on their own journey of self discovery.’

Our Teachers

Our classes in Buddhism and meditation are in the most part delivered by ordained members of the Triratna Buddhist Order.
The Order consists of men and women who are themselves living a life of meditation and Buddhist practice, and have been for many years.


Chair of the Centre and Dharma Teacher


Team Leader, Yoga Teacher, and Dharma Teacher


Dharma Teacher and Financial Manager


Women's Mitra Convenor and Dharma Teacher


Centre Manager and Dharma Teacher


Men's Mitra Convenor and Dharma Teacher


Dharma Teacher and Fundraiser


Dharma Teacher


Dharma Teacher


Dharma Teacher


Dharma Teacher

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