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Going on Retreat

Buddhism and Meditation Retreats

A Buddhist retreat gives you a chance to put aside the concerns and demands of your everyday routine. By getting away from the noise and clutter of the city or where ever you come from, you can begin to relax and open up.

Going on retreat is something I have benefitted enormously from over the years and the first time I went on one with the Dublin Buddhist Centre I knew I had found my sangha. They offer some of the most accessible retreats I have been on both in terms of finance and the warmth and support of those leading the retreat.
          – Anne

Many people who go on Buddhist retreats feel more grounded, calmer and in touch with themselves. Those who go on retreat regularly find these qualities pervading the rest of their lives, and can live more and more from their human potential.

Going on retreat gives you the opportunity to share time and inspiration with like-minded people from all walks of life. Many people find that a sense of community develops as a retreat progresses, and lasting friendships are born from their experience.

Retreats are not ‘holidays’ – they are an opportunity to deepen your awareness of yourself, other people, and the world around you. They give you space to clarify what is essential in your life. And as such, a retreat can be a challenging, life-changing experience.

Modern life is very busy with so many demands on my time and attention. Being on retreat was the first time I can recall since childhood that I felt really free and calm. It’s the people not the place though, everyone was kind and thoughtful. I was so nervous before going the first time and so uplifted on the way home. Just book one, you won’t regret it!
          – Emmet

Are you interested in going on retreat?

31 May

Living a Truly Human Life – Newcomer Meditation Retreat

Date May 31, 2024-June 2, 2024
A retreat for people who have never meditated before, or those with some experience but who want to experience greater depth in meditation. Led by Vajrashura and Prasannadeva. An In-Person Event.
31 May

Bahiya – Weekend Retreat for Women

Date May 31, 2024-June 3, 2024
A long-weekend retreat for women who have learned the Mindfulness of Breath and Metta Bhavana meditation practices with a Triratna Buddhist Centre. Led by Atulyamitra, Prajnamayi, and Saddhajaya. An In-Person Event.
05 July

The Mighty Ocean of the Dharma – Weekend Retreat for Men

Date July 5, 2024-July 7, 2024
A retreat for men who have learned the Mindfulness of Breath and Metta Bhavana meditation practices with a Triratna Buddhist Centre. Led by Vajrashura, Pavara, Maitrikaya, and Varabandhu An In-Person Event.

Pictures from some of our Retreats

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