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Atulyamitra first learned to meditate over 30 years ago and has had a meditation practice most of her adult life. She became a committed Buddhist in 2012 and was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order in 2018.

Since her ordination, she has been more involved in teaching meditation courses and running retreats in the DBC. She is now the Women’s Mitra Convenor, meaning that she takes particular responsibility for looking after the needs of women who have made a definite commitment to the Buddhist Path.

‘I first learned to meditate over thirty years ago and have had a practice through most of my adult life.’

‘I was first drawn to Buddhist meditation when I started training with Breathworks, an organisation that teaches mindfulness and meditation practices to people experiencing chronic pain and illness. I began this training having developed a chronic illness myself and soon recognised the value of meditation in the management of it.

‘It was the Sangha or spiritual community that first attracted me to Buddhism. I was impressed by the way that those in the Sangha communicated with one another and how they did so with kindness even in situations that were difficult.

‘I wanted to learn more and as I began to explore Buddhism, I recognised that I also wanted to develop and deepen my Buddhist practice as part of the Triratna community. I found the teachings of Sangharakshita an inspiring and clear guide to Buddhist practice and this motivated me to become part of the order.

‘Buddhism for me is about kindness and leading an ethical lifestyle. It is also a very practical approach to the spiritual life and to life in general. I have found a clarity and a sense of purpose in my life since becoming a Buddhist.’



Our Teachers

Our classes in Buddhism and meditation are in the most part delivered by ordained members of the Triratna Buddhist Order.
The Order consists of men and women who are themselves living a life of meditation and Buddhist practice, and have been for many years.


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