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Mindfulness means being able to be aware of what’s going on in your experience, and to vividly inhabit our experience.

It’s about being able to stay fully with whatever is going on, being able to be present and continue to be present with whatever is going on, regardless of whether that’s pleasant, painful or neutral.

Mindfulness is something we can practice when we’re on the bus, when we’re waiting in the queue at the shop, while we’re eating. It’s not religious – it’s simply about paying attention to what’s there with an attitude of interest and exploration.

Through being mindful, we learn that small things can have a big effect. Becoming aware of our bodies, our emotional life, our communication with others, helps us to live a life that flows into a rich tapestry of awareness, imbued with beauty and appreciation.

From a Buddhist perspective, mindfulness includes even an awareness of ‘how things really are’ – an awareness of the true nature of things. By being mindful, the Buddha says, we become more wise and more free. It’s because of this that he said that ‘mindfulness is the direct path to freedom’.

Aspects of Mindfulness

Developing Mindfulness

For the most part, mindfulness is simply something you just do. You are either mindful or you are not! But there are many ways to help us to ‘just be mindful’.

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24 July

Meditation Essentials Course

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Mindfulness and loving-kindness meditation course – learn to meditate with experienced teachers. Learn to be calmer and more energised. Led by Sadayasihi. An In-Person Event.

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