Yoga Class times and booking

Notice on Covid-19 & Yoga classes at the DBC

Unfortunately due to the changing situation with regard to Covid-19, all of our yoga classes are now online only.

If you’d like to join any of these yoga classes via Zoom contact the DBC.

General Level:

Wednesday: 1 – 2pm

Friday: 1 – 2pm

Saturday: 10 – 11:30am

Intermediate Level:

Wednesday: 5 – 6:30pm

(The intermediate class is for those who have been practicing shoulder stand & head stand for at least a year.)

At the moment all of our online classes are on a donation basis.

See all our online events.

Thoughts for the Day

Over the past few months the Dublin Buddhist Centre has made a few thought for the day videos. Here’s a selection from our yoga teacher Pavara.

YOGA – General Information

Yoga is a form of physical exercise that will have positive effects on your body and mind. It is a highly effective tool to help calm the body and mind, as well as alleviate stress, leaving you more relaxed, energised and calm.

Learn Yoga with Pavara our Iyengar Yoga Teacher

Yoga gives energy, which enables us to lead life fully and with enjoyment, and works on lots of different levels of our being.

Physically it strengthens the body by developing greater flexibility and balance. It can give relief from numerous common ailments and allows stress to loosen its grip on us.

Psychologically, yoga sharpens the intellect, aids concentration and steadies the emotions. And beyond that, yoga brings awareness and the ability to be still, which gives rise to inner peace.

Why not try it? Our classes cater for all levels of age and experience. Our custom built meditation and yoga room is a beautiful space in which to do yoga.

Our central location in Dublin 1 is right beside Connolly Station and Busaras, and very near O’Connell Street, and so very easy to get to.

For more information see our pages about:

Iyengar classes lead by Pavara
Hatha Flow classes lead by Johanna Varghese

After the Course

Our Yoga Classes are suitable for all levels of experience - beginners and newcomers

At the end of the five-week course students have the opportunity to re-book for another five-week session, or to continue on a drop-in basis, in particular by using our 10 Class Card. See the information in the left-sidebar above for more details.

Many people find it beneficial to do a class once or twice a week over a longer period of time. In this way, they can go more deeply into the postures they have learned.

Once you have practising yoga regularly for a year, you are welcome to join the intermediate class, though you may join this class earlier, at the discretion of the teacher.

Day Workshops & Retreats

As well as our yoga courses, we run yoga weekend day workshops.

Yoga Days

A few times a year we run Yoga Days with Prabhakara, from the Birmingham Buddhist Centre.

More information and booking

Yoga & Meditation Days

We also run Yoga and Meditation Days, teaching both the Mindfulness of Breathing and the Development of Loving-Kindness meditation practices, as well as having two sessions of yoga. These are a great opportunity to see how meditation and yoga can go hand-in-hand with each other.

More information and booking

Yoga & Meditation Retreats

Twice a year, we run Yoga and Meditation Retreats, which run Friday to Sunday in a beautiful setting of Mucklagh House in Co. Wicklow.

More information and booking

Frequently Asked Questions

See our Frequently Asked Questions about Yoga for more information.