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Jyotika began meditating in the mid-90s while at university where he studied English Literature and Theatre. He joined the Triratna Buddhist Order in 2000. He currently works as Project Manager of Shubha Vihara, overseeing the transformation of an old farmhouse outside Ballina, Co. Tipperary into our first Triratna retreat centre in Ireland.

‘I realised I was a Buddhist when I heard about the Six Paramitas or Perfections, which are: Giving; Ethics; Patience; Energy; Meditation; Wisdom. And that the practice of these will lead to freedom.’

‘I find the Dharma – the teaching of the Buddha – endlessly fascinating in its depth, breadth, nuance and complexity. Simple teachings like ‘friendship is the whole of the spiritual life’, and ‘seek the wisdom that has faith as its goal’, which I’ve been contemplating for about 25 years, still moves me deeply.’


Our Teachers

Our classes in Buddhism and meditation are in the most part delivered by ordained members of the Triratna Buddhist Order.
The Order consists of men and women who are themselves living a life of meditation and Buddhist practice, and have been for many years.


Chair of the Centre and Dharma Teacher


Team Leader, Yoga Teacher, and Dharma Teacher


Dharma Teacher and Financial Manager


Women's Mitra Convenor and Dharma Teacher


Centre Manager and Dharma Teacher


Men's Mitra Convenor and Dharma Teacher


Dharma Teacher and Fundraiser


Dharma Teacher


Dharma Teacher


Dharma Teacher


Dharma Teacher

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