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What is Buddhism?

Buddhism is a path of practice and spiritual development leading to Insight into the true nature of life, and increasingly people in Dublin and Ireland are curious to learn about Buddhism.

Buddhist practices are means of changing oneself in order to develop the qualities of awareness, kindness, and wisdom.

The experience developed within the Buddhist tradition over thousands of years has created an incomparable resource for all those who wish to follow a path – a path which ultimately culminates in Enlightenment or Buddhahood; the state of complete freedom from any spiritual, emotional or mental restrictions or limitations.

Because Buddhism does not include the idea of worshipping a creator God, some people do not see it as a religion in the normal, Western sense.

The basic tenets of Buddhist teaching are straightforward and practical: nothing is fixed or permanent; actions have consequences; change is possible.

Thus Buddhism addresses itself to all people, irrespective of race, nationality, or gender. It teaches practical methods (such as meditation) which enable people to realise and utilise its teachings in order to transform their experience, to be fully responsible for their lives and to develop the qualities of Wisdom and Compassion.

There are around 350 million Buddhists and a growing number of them are Westerners. They follow many different forms of Buddhism, but all traditions are characterised by non-violencelack of dogma, tolerance of differences, and, usually, by the practise of meditation.

Learning more about Buddhism

The best way to learn more about Buddhism is to come to one of our courses.

It’s said that Buddhism is ‘caught rather than taught’, meaning that it’s easier pick up Buddhism in discussion with others and through seeing people live it out than from books or online.

You can find all our activities in this section.

Below on this page is more information about the core principles of Buddhism. You can also see our two videos for more about how Buddhism is practised in the Dublin Buddhist Centre.

You can also read more about the Triratna Buddhist Community, the international Buddhist community of which the Dublin Buddhist Centre is part.

You can also read more about Buddhist festivals celebrated throughout the world.

Other great sources of information are and Free Buddhist Audio.

The Buddha and his Teaching

The Threefold Way

One of the main formulations of the path of Buddhism is the Threefold Way of ethics, meditation, and wisdom. This is a progressive path, as ethics and a clear conscience provides an indispensable basis for meditation, and meditation is the ground on which wisdom can develop. Wisdom then, in turn, informs our practice of ethics and meditation.

The Three Jewels

The ideals at the heart of Buddhism are collectively known as the Three Jewels, or the Three Treasures. These are the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha. It is by making these the central principles of one’s life that one becomes a Buddhist.

Would you like to practice Buddhism?

Come and join us in our next introductory course.

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