Exchanging Self and Other: The Bodhicaryavatara – A Sub-30 Seminar

Saturday 17th June 2023
10:00am - 1:00pm

Led by Jnanadhara

An In-Person Event

“Whoever longs to rescue quickly both themselves and others should practice the supreme mystery: exchange of self and other.” – Shantideva

These words are from the 8th century Indian sage Shantideva’s hugely influential and popular poem The Bodhicaryavatara. They point to a profound reorientation of our being towards a liberating altruistic attitude.

In this morning seminar we’ll be delving deeply into the meaning of this and other verses from the chapter on meditative absorption and exploring their significance in meditation.

This seminar will be led by Jnanadhara. Originally from New Zealand, Jnanadhara first came to live in Cambridge, UK where he worked in a Buddhist business called Windhorse Trading. He was ordained in 2003 into the Triratna Buddhist Order and then moved to Dublin where he soon became the Chair of the Dublin Buddhist Centre for twelve years before handing over the reigns to Sadayasihi last year. Jnanadhara now holds the position of International Movement Coordinator where he works developing and supporting the Triratna Buddhist Movement across the world.

All levels of experience welcome. No need to book in advance. Just show up for 10am, or you can come from 9.30am to have coffee and croissants beforehand!

All our Young Buddhist events are offered on a donation basis but you might consider making a donation to help us to continue to provide these kinds of events.

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