Samgrahavastus: The Magic of Sangha

Monday 27th December 2021 - Sunday 2nd January 2022

Led by members of the Irish Order

An In-Person Event

Winter Retreat, 2021
The Samgrahavastus, the four means of unification, or to put it more poetically, the magic of Sangha, appear again and again throughout the Buddhist tradition. Generosity, Kindly Speech, Beneifical Activity and Exemplifictation, when carried out within the spiritual community, will bring about harmony, concord and growth.

Join us to explore these Samgrahavastus, this magic of Sangha over the New Year period for the 2021 Winter Retreat.

To make the Dharma as available to as many people as possible and to ensure the safety of everyone in the Sangha, the DBC Winter Retreat will be running online again this year. It will be be a wonderful way for Sangha Members to see out the year, and connect with as many other members of the Sangha as possible.

Hear from Jnanadhara and Vajrashura about the upcoming retreat:


Suitable for: Anyone who already has an established meditation practice with the DBC or other Triratna Sangha.

If this is you, then we hope you can come along and join us on this Winter Retreat!

This retreat will run on Zoom on a donation basis.

Contact us or use the link in the Sangha Email to book on.


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