Weekend Retreat – The Essence of Meditation

Friday 13th September 2019 - Sunday 15th September 2019

Led by Vajrashura, Rijumuni & Atulyamitra

Retreats are fantastic opportunities to get away from the complexities and difficulties of the modern world and spend time instead deepening into meditation, silence, friendship and spaciousness, and of course exploring the Dharma, the Buddha’s teachings.

Many people who go on retreat feel more grounded, calmer and in touch with themselves.

Those who go on retreat regularly find these qualities pervading the rest of their lives, and find their spiritual practice naturally deepening.

On this weekend retreat, we’ll be exploring how we can go deeper into our practices of mindfulness and loving-kindness meditations, what the essential purposes of these practices are, and how we can make the most of them.

Cost: €220 waged / €180 low-waged / €130 unwaged or student.

This retreat is suitable for anyone who has done a meditation course with us.

Contact the centre or email us to book on.

Mucklagh Lodge

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