Weekend Retreat in Mucklagh – The Art of Meditation: Activity and Receptivity

Friday 28th February 2020 - Sunday 1st March 2020

Led by Maitrikaya & Atulyamitra

An In-Person Event

Meditation is an art which we explore and cultivate over time. Like any art, we need effort to help us clear the path so something fresh can come through. In particular, using the two poles of activity and receptivity, we find harmony in our practice.

Join Atulyamitra and Maitrikaya as we explore these two aspects of practice and allow new landscapes open up in our experience. Using both these poles approriately our minds can become more and more creative, feeding into the effort towards greater and greater creativity that is the essence of a Buddhist life.

Residential Weekend Retreats

A retreat gives you a chance to put aside the concerns and demands of your everyday routine. By getting away from the noise and clutter of the city or wherever you come from, you can begin to relax and open up.

Many people who go on retreat feel more grounded, calmer and in touch with themselves.

Those who go on retreat regularly find these qualities pervading the rest of their lives, and find their spiritual practice naturally deepening.

The retreats listed here are suitable if you’ve done a meditation course with us.

Contact the centre or email us to book on.

Cost: €220 waged / €180 low-waged / €130 unwaged or student.

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

Mucklagh Lodge

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