Triratna International Gathering – Alchemy of the Dharma

Thursday 22nd August 2019 - Monday 26th August 2019

Led by members of the Triratna Buddhist Order

Alchemy is the magical art of turning base materials into gold, a potent metaphor for what we are trying to do in our Dharma lives. How do we transform the ‘base material’ of ourselves, our spiritual community, and the wider society into ‘gold’, into ‘personal’ riches, shared riches and the sustaining riches of loving wisdom?

This biennial event brings together large numbers of the Triratna Buddhist Community from around Europe for a feast of inspiration, stimulation and fun – all are welcome, including children.

More details will be posted here as things firm up but there will certainly be:

  • Excellent Dharma talks exploring the theme (Ratnaguna, Sanghamani, Prasadacarin)
  • Music, artistic endeavours, philosophical explorations
  • Study, discussion, hanging out, meditation, puja
  • Buddhafield’s structures for a variety of events
  • Weather! hopefully pleasant as a mostly camping event, but every day is a fine day!

Indoor accommodation is limited and priority will be given to those travelling from outside the UK (who would struggle to transport camping gear). Priority also will be given to the elderly and special health needs, and our wheelchair-friendly accommodation is limited to 2 at present (so book early).

Booking is through Adhisthana.

  • Price: £180 for waged
  • £130 for unwaged, those travelling from outside UK, those supported by Triratna
  • £80 for children aged 3 to 16 (under-3s come free)


Adhisthana, United Kingdom

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