Transforming Work – Buddhism Course

Tuesday 13th April 2021
7:00pm - 9:00pm

Led by Jnanadhara

An In-Person Event

A Four-Week Online Course

For most people work is an unavoidable fact of life. Work makes people and breaks people. Work can be extremely challenging and is often where our values and ideals come into direct conflict with outside forces and objective demands.

This course will explore how we can meet these challenges meaningfully and effectively by bringing Buddhist principles and practices into our work. We’ll be developing an insightful attitude to work that will help us to be more genuinely creative and productive. In particular we’ll be looking at how to make the most of working in lockdown conditions.

Rather than seeing work as a necessary evil we’ll see how we can embrace work as an opportunity to create positive connections with others and free ourselves from unhelpful habits.

Suitable for: Open to anyone who has learnt the Mindfulness of Breathing and the Development of Loving Kindness. You can book on to this course in the Sangha email or email us at

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