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The Taste of Freedom – Buddhism Course

A six-week course to break free from limiting habits and embark on a path to freedom

Starts Wednesday 31st July 2024, 6.30pm – 8.45pm

Led by Maitrikaya

Are you seeking a path to true freedom?

Join our Taste of Freedom Buddhism course, where we delve into what freedom really is from a Buddhist perspective. Discover what real freedom means and how to achieve it through the pivotal concept of ‘stream entry.’

In this course, we guide you through your first taste of genuine liberation. Traditionally known as ‘stream entry,’ this profound stage marks the irreversible turning point of a journey toward the boundless ocean of Enlightenment. We will also identify and explore the first three fetters that hold us back from realizing our full potential:

  • Habit: The mistaken belief in a permanent, unchanging self.
  • Superficiality: Not being wholehearted or fully authentic in our Buddhist practice.
  • Vagueness: An unwillingness to think clearly and to make decisions about what it is you want to commit to in life.

Together, we will examine these fetters and their impact on our lives, both individually and collectively. Through short talks, discussion and practical exercises, you’ll learn effective ways to loosen and eventually break these three fetters, making irreversible the attainment of Enlightenment.

The course will include short talks, discussion, reflection, meditation, and home practice that should be completed between each week of the course. Each week there will be a particular theme explored as follows:

Week 1 – What is Freedom?

We will be introducing the course and looking at what freedom is from a Buddhist perspective.

Week 2 – The Dākinī as a Symbol of Freedom

Explores the image of the red dancing Dākinī a female Buddhist figure of freedom.

Week 3 – The Spiral Path

Explores how the path of Buddhism is one of ever-increasing positive states of mind culminating in a dynamic and inexaustible flow of creative energy.

Week 4 – Breaking the Fetter of Habit

Introduces the Buddha’s teaching of the ten fetters and looking at the first fetter of habit in more depth.

Week 5 – Breaking the Fetter of Superficiality

Explores the second fetter of superficiality and how to become more wholehearted and authentic in our practice.

Week 6 – Breaking the Fetter of Vagueness

Explores the third fetter of vagueness and the benefits of commitment in the spiritual life.

Note: While meditation will be part of this course, you will not be learning how to meditate. Please see our other events for an introduction to meditation course.

  • Knowledge of the Buddha’s teaching.
  • Practical tools to work creatively with your mind.
  • Greater understanding of the freedom or liberation according to Buddhism and how to move towards it.
  • Break free from the things that hold us back most in our lives.
  • An insightful perspective on how to go beyond limiting habits of the mind.
  • A community of others on the path.

This course is for anyone who wants to engage with a deeper understanding and practice of Buddhist teachings.

You don’t have to be a Buddhist to gain from this course; you don’t have to be particularly ‘spiritual’. All you need is curiosity, a desire to learn, and a willingness to put what you learn into practice.

This course will be led by Maitrikaya, a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order and Men’s Mitra Convenor for the Dublin Buddhist Centre.


Six-weeks starting Wednesday 31st July 2024 from 6.30pm – 8.45pm.


Dublin Buddhist Centre

Unit 5, Liberty Corner
James Joyce Street
Dublin, D01 N5H6


We do tiered pricing, depending on the circumstances.

€150 waged
€120 low waged
€90 unwaged
€75 for under-25s

Location: Dublin Buddhist Centre


Unit 5, Liberty Corner
James Joyce Street, Dublin D01 N5H6 Ireland

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Unit 5 | Liberty Corner | James Joyce Street | Dublin D01 N5H6 | Ireland | tel. (01) 817 8933
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