The Meditation Challenge

Saturday 9th January 2021 - Saturday 30th January 2021

Led by Buddhist Centres in Dublin, London, Sheffield and Berlin

An In-Person Event

Are you up for a New Year’s Challenge?

Hungover from 2020? Here’s an opportunity to start the new year by transforming yourself through 21 days of meditation, mindfulness and Buddhist Wisdom.

Amidst the pandemic, social unrest and the threat of economic hardship, the one part of reality that we know we can change is ourselves.

We challenge you to:

1. Meditate every day. We’ll support you with meditation classes at 8am and 1pm, Monday-Saturday. Learn to meditate from scratch or take an existing practice further.

2. Attend a weekly ‘Interactive Meditation Room’. An evening class exploring meditation more deeply, with lots of time to ask questions.

3. Attend a weekly ‘Dharma Night’. An evening class putting meditation in the broader context of Buddhist Wisdom.

There are also early morning yoga classes, the chance to get to know others at opening and closing events and on our Slack channel, plus weekly emails with helpful new video content giving you all the tools you need to kickstart a meditation practice.

It’s all free of charge, though donations are welcome.

If you are aged 16-25, there’s an extra opportunity to be mentored in your practice across the month. Find out more here.

When booking, please specify that your local Buddhist Centre is ‘Dublin Buddhist Centre’.


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