The Journey and The Guide – Buddhism Course

Saturday 17th October 2020
10:30am - 12:30pm

Led by Maitrikaya

An In-Person Event

An Eight-Week Online Practical Course in Enlightenment

The natural mode of consciousness is to expand. In every moment we can either allow consciousness to unfold or we can make it ‘me’ and ‘mine’ and feel it shrink back to the level of egocentricity. It’s as if we’ve identified with a tiny ripple on the surface of the ocean.

Once we let go of that identification there’s the whole ocean: centre-less, edgeless, completely free.
    – from The Journey and the Guide

How do we make the most of life? Buddhism is a non-theistic, practical path of human growth and fulfilment and seeks to address this very question.

This eight-week online course leads participants step by step along the Buddhist path from mindfulness and emotional strength to receptivity, insight and spiritual rebirth. It is about putting the spiritual life into practice here and now.

For this course we will use Maitreyabandhu’s book The Journey and the Guide – A Practical Course in Enlightenment. Maitreyabandhu is a prize-winning poet who has been sharing his experience of practising Buddhism for over 20 years.

Suitable for: Anyone with an interest in Mindfulness or Buddhism.

The course is being run on a donation basis but you will need to have a copy of the book, which you can purchase in eBook format from Windhorse Publications.



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