Sub-35’s Group: In the Seen, Only the Seen

Thursday 18th July 2019
7:30pm - 10:00pm

Led by Sadayasihi and Kevin

An In-Person Event

The Sub-35s group in Dublin has been established in recognition of the need for a space where people aged 35 and under can meet, share their experiences, practice together, and develop meaningful connections and friendships based on the Dharma (the Buddha’s teachings).

The Dublin Buddhist Centre is part of a worldwide Buddhist movement called the Triratna Buddhist Community which has primarily been described as a network of friendships in the Dharma.

Similarly, the Sub-35s vision is that it will be a welcoming place for people interested in exploring meditation and Buddhism with the support and friendship of their peers.

It will also link in with the wider Young Triratna movement via the annual retreat for Young Buddhists  each October in the UK.

Have you had the experience of thinking you know what life is about, only to suddenly realise somewhere along the road of life you took a wrong turn; or have you given all of yourself to get something, or get to somewhere, only to realise it isn’t at all what you expected, it doesn’t live up to your expectation? This too happened to Bahiya around 2,500 years ago; however upon meeting the Buddha, despite having been on the wrong path, Bahiya’s life culminates in the end of suffering.

In this month’s Sub35 event we will be exploring the Bahiya Sutta and the rich teaching the Buddha imparted upon him. This Buddhist scripture, though thousands of years old, still presents us with issues still relevant for those threading the spiritual life today, and explores questions such as: how do I know if I am on the right path; what is the most urgent of all the Buddha’s teachings; how can I be ready for death?

We will also hear a personal talk from one of our Sub35 Sangha members with a personal account of what inspires them most about Buddhism.

All levels of experience welcome.

Find Out More

If you are 35 years or younger and would like to get involved please email us or chat to the Centre team.

You can also check out our upcoming events on the Sub-35s page on our Facebook page.

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