Going Forth: A Study Day for Men with Dharmapriya

Saturday 18th November 2023
10:00am - 5:00pm

Led by Dharmapriya

An In-Person Event

The Pabbaja Sutta (or `Going Forth)’ is found in the Sutta Nipata, one of the most important books of the Pali Canon. Whereas ‘Going for Refuge’ expresses one’s commitment to the Dharmic life and to achieving the Transcendental Goal, ‘Going Forth’ expresses one’s resolve to leave behind the worldly life: in other words, it is the other side of the same coin.

To aspire to the spiritual path one has to realize – at least in part – that mundane existence (samsara) cannot solve any real problems nor give deep satisfaction. Putting it simply, if you really want to practise Buddhism, you have to renounce “non-Buddhism”, i.e. normal life. To start with we will only give up some aspects of worldy life, but as we progress we will give up more and more.

This Sutta describes how the Buddha-to-be enjoys this life of Going Forth so much that it impresses one of the most powerful kings of his time.

On this Study Day we will not only look at the Sutta but also meditate and have time to connect with each other.

Dharmapriya is part of the Berlin Sangha and is a well-known yoga teacher, teaching Iyengar yoga all over the world. He also has ordained a number of men and is an excellent study leader.

Cost: €40 waged / €30 unwaged or student.

Dublin Buddhist Centre

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