Anniversary Puja for Bhante Sangharakshita

Sunday 1st November 2020
11:00am - 12:00pm

Led by Pavara & Atulyamitra

An In-Person Event

On this Sunday morning, we’ll come together to celebrate and remember Bhante Sangharakshita, who set up the Triratna Buddhist Community, of which the Dublin Buddhist Centre is a part.

Bhante Sangharakshita died on October 30th 2018.

Each year around this date we celebrate his life and work, and express our well-wishing for him and our gratitude for his efforts in creating and sustaining the Triratna community.

This is the second year of the anniversary of his death.

You are welcome to join us for this event, which will run on Zoom on a donation basis.

Password if needed: sundaypuja


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