Not About Being Good – Exploring Buddhist Ethics

Wednesday 12th October 2022
7:00pm - 9:15pm

Led by Prajnamayi and Rijumuni

This event is both in-person and online

A Six-Week Course In-person and Online

How do we live well in a troubled world? How do we decide how to act and behave?

This is the realm of Buddhist ethics, which are not about conforming to a set of conventions, nor are they about ‘being good’ in order to gain rewards.

Instead, living ethically springs from the awareness that other people are no different from yourself, and we can actively develop this awareness through cultivating love, clarity and contentment.

In this six-week Buddhism course we’ll be exploring all this and how to live ethically in this world, based upon Subhadramati’s book Not About Being Good.

To do the course, you will need to have a copy of the book, which you can purchase in eBook format and in printed format (received in the post) from Windhorse Publications. We also have copies of the book for sale here at the DBC.

This course is offered as an in-person course as well as an online course. While all of our events are offered on a donation basis, to attend our courses we ask for a deposit of €30 for in-person and €10 for online to secure a place. Please consider making a donation to help us to continue to provide classes.

Suitable for: Anyone who is interested in learning more about Buddhism and Buddhist ethics.

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Testimonials from Participants on Previous Courses

‘A fascinating and illuminating introduction for me to Buddhist ethics. It is already enriching my day-to-day life experience. Practical yet profound.’
   – Des

‘The course is a practical, realistic approach to living a skilful life, given in a clear, coherent way, of how to follow a Buddhist way of being. I found it skilfully thought, with insights and compassion.’
   – Mary

‘Encouraged reflection on how to live your life day-to-day and how you can develop to help yourself and the world around you.’
   – Fergus

‘I found this course really helpful in terms of trying to discover / remember what my true values are. It was great to come and sit with like-minded people every week while studying and gaining an understanding of Buddhist ethics.’
   – Nicola

‘Genuinely the highlight of my week. The ethics course gave my Buddhist practice a strong foundation, made me joyful and reflective simultaneously, and gave me a great sense of peace. The stories shared in the class were very inspring.’
   – Paraic

‘The course gave me a practical way of deepening my understanding of both Buddhism and myself. It perfectly complemented my meditation practice, bringing my spiritual development off the meditation mat and into my everyday life.’
   – Barbara

‘A very enjoyable course: it showed me that ethics is more about freeing yourself from burdens rather than taking on more. Highly recommended!’
   – Sean


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