Life with Full Attention – Exploring Buddhist Mindfulness

Saturday 20th February 2021
10:30am - 12:30pm

Led by Maitrikaya

An In-Person Event

An Eight-Week Online Course

Mindfulness is a word one hears on an almost daily basis and it appears easy to understand what it means and how to practice it. However the apparent simplicity of this Buddhist practice can obscure the depths of richness, truth and beauty it can reveal.

In this course we’ll be learning how to meditate and digging deep into the practice of mindfulness. We’ll be exploring how to apply it and other Buddhist mind-training practices in our lives to enable transformation, growth and liberating insight.

Based upon Maitreyabandhu’s book Life with Full Attention

To do the course, you will need to have a copy of the book, which you can purchase in eBook format and in printed format (received in the post).

Suitable for: Anyone who is interested in learning more about Mindfulness in a Buddhist context.

This course will run on Zoom on a donation basis.

Testimonials from Participants

‘A very interesting and thought provoking course. Lots of food for thought. Thanks so much for a very practical and life-enhancing experience.’

‘I am less sensitive to criticism (on a quantitative level i.e. less frequently), I am drinking less and am less bound by craving.’

‘[The course] has made me more aware of setting up positive conditions to allow myself to become more mindful.’

‘The impact of the skills I have gained has been profound. I may not yet be “living with full attention” but I am living life with “more” attention and that’s a great start… Thanks!’

‘It was a great introduction to mindfulness which allowed me to gain an appreciation of many different aspects of it that I was never aware of (art, people, etc… ). It also provided great tools to continue deepening my practice and a great book as a resource in the future.’

‘I’d highly recommend this course to anyone who feels like a bit of time out / reflection / or getting to know themselves through mindfulness.’


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