Doing Something that Works – Online Meditation Course

Wednesday 20th May 2020
10:30am - 12:00pm

Led by Vajrashura

An In-Person Event

A Five Week Online Introduction to Buddhism & Meditation Course

We live in troubled times. Many of the routines and certainties of our lives have been lost to the coronavirus outbreak and we are directly confronted with reality of illness and death.

Now, just as we were getting used to the routines of lockdown, we are entering a new phase of the easing of lockdown which brings with it fresh uncertainty and challenge.

Through all this change and upheaval we may be struggling to find creative responses to the immediate challenges of our lives and the uncertainties of what lies ahead.

We may be faced with urgent questions about the nature and purposeof human life and our place in the world. It was to challenges and questions such as these that Buddha directed his teaching.

Because his teaching is addressed to the fundamentals of human life, it is as relevant now, – in a 21st century pandemic – as it ever was. At this time we are offering this free online introduction to Buddhism course to share these teachings and perspectives.

All that is required for the course is an openness to life’s experiences and a willingness to explore that experience in the light of Buddhist teachings and practices.

There will be meditation taught as part of the course and we will be encouraging you to practice at home.

You are warmly invited to join us for this course, which will run on Zoom on a donation basis.



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