Amitabha: Buddha of Infinite Light – Online Weekend Retreat

Friday 18th February 2022 - Sunday 20th February 2022

Led by members of the Irish Order

An In-Person Event

February is often considered the beginning of Spring with new life and growth emerging all around after the darkness of Winter. It’s also considered as the month of love. The Buddhist view of love is not the romantic mushiness of valentine verses but something to be cultivated by those who have the courage to do so.

Do you have the courage to join us on this retreat as we enter the realm of Amitabha, the Buddha of infinite love and compassion? Why not join us as we explore the qualities of the Buddha Amitabha on this reflective and contemplative retreat.

Suitable for: Anyone who already has an established meditation practice with the DBC or other Triratna Sangha.

This retreat will run on Zoom on a donation basis. A suggested donation for the weekend is €125.


Contact us or use the link in the Sangha Email to book on.


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