108 Year Puja for Bhante Sangharakshita

Tuesday 27th August 2019
7:30pm - 9:45pm

Led by the Sangha Night team

An In-Person Event

August 26th is the 92nd birthday of Bhante Sangharakshita, who set up the Triratna Buddhist Community, of which the Dublin Buddhist Centre is a part.

Each year around this date we celebrate his life and work, and express our well-wishing for him and our gratitude for his efforts in creating and sustaining the Triratna community.

This is the seventeenth year of 108 years that the puja will be taking place.

Each year around this time a special box containing enough incense and candles for all 108 years is dusted off, and the box also contains a notebook for everyone present at each puja to sign, with the intention of passing it on to each succeeding manifestation of the DBC over the coming years.

Dublin Buddhist Centre

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