Sangha Nights

Every Tuesday Night
7pm – 9pm

Tuesday night in the DBC is Sangha Night – ‘Sangha’ being the Buddhist spiritual community.

This is a night of meditation and Buddhist practice, open to anyone who has completed our meditation course or already knows the Mindfulness of Breathing and Development of Loving-Kindness meditation practices.

On the night, you can come to either the the small or the big shrine room. The first half of the night runs 7.30pm (sharp) to 8.25pm, and then there is a tea-break until 8.55pm. The second half of the night then runs until 9.45pm.

The night is on a drop-in, donation basis. There is a suggested donation of €7.

Small Shrine Room

This drop-in class is intended for all those who would like the opportunity to meditate with others or who have just completed an introductory meditation course and are wondering what to do next.

In it we’ll be exploring ways of engaging with meditation and the issues that arise in our lives with help from the Buddhist tradition. Usually the first half comprises led meditations, and then the second half will be a discussion on some aspect of Buddhism

Large Shrine Room

This is a chance to come along and do a solid night’s practice with other Sangha folk.

The evening usually consists of a a little input, a long meditation sit and a Puja after the tea-break. It is open to people who have been around the Sangha for a while and who have a regular meditation practice, as well as a desire to practice Puja.