Tuesday Nights

Every Tuesday Night

7.30pm – 9pm

Update: Due to the DBC being closed in the Covid-19 outbreak, we are now running these nights online.

Join via Zoom (password if required is medandpuja) a few minutes before 7.30pm.

The evening usually consists of a little input, a long meditation sit and a Puja after a short tea-break.

For the month of September we’ll be dedicating our Tuesday Night and Sunday Morning Pujas to PADMASAMBHAVA, the Lotus Born Guru!

Padmasambhava by Urgyen Sangharakshita

Riding a tiger
The Guru came,
Smile fierce and friendly,
Eyes aflame.
Riding a tiger
From coast to coast,
With his vajra he scattered
The demon host.
Guru, great Guru,
Dispel my sin;
Hurl back the demon
Hordes within;
Transform them to powers
That protect the Right –
Thou, the Thousand-armed,
Thou, the Infinite Light.

On a donation basis. No need to book, just drop in if you know how to meditate.

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