The Dublin Buddhist Centre is part of a world-wide movement of Buddhist centres called the Triratna Buddhist Community. We are a not-for-profit charity, and have been teaching Buddhism, meditation and yoga in Dublin since 1990.

Buddhism is a path of practise and spiritual development leading to a liberating insight into the true nature of life. It enables people to fulfill their deepest potential, and to develop the qualities of Wisdom and Compassion.

Our meditation courses look at ways of developing both mindfulness and loving-kindness. These meditation techniques are simple but effective practices drawn from the Buddhist tradition, suitable for anyone to learn and do.

We also offer yoga courses and classes, which will have positive effects on your mind as well as your body. Yoga is a highly effective tool to help calm the mind and body and alleviate stress, leaving you more relaxed and content.


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If you wish to speak to someone in the Centre please phone (01) 817 8933,
Monday - Friday, 12.30pm - 2pm and 3pm - 6pm. You can also drop in
during these times or you can contact us online.

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Dublin Buddhist Centre

Meditation Courses start
Monday 12th & Wednesday 14th February 2018
7.30pm - 10pm each night for five weeks

Yoga Courses start week of Monday 12th February 2018, with classes all throughout the week

Mindful Emotion Kindness Course
Starts Wed 28th February, 7.30pm - 10pm, for eight weeks

Buddhism and Science Course
Starts Thursday 1st March, 7.30pm - 10pm, for five weeks

Focusing Weekend Workshop
Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th March 2018, 10am - 5pm

Yoga and Meditation Retreat
Thursday 15th - Monday 19th March 2018